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sábado, 2 de maio de 2009

Micelli on Twitter - 02 May 2009

Just one more!!!!!!!!! Cheap Trick – Surrender ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gegb from Blip.fm

Good night, everybody! Have a nice Sunday! CSS – Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above ♫ http://blip.fm/~5ge3v from Blip.fm

Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gdp3 from Blip.fm

Gary Numan – Cars ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gdb0 from Blip.fm

Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama (Push the Tempo) ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gcwg from Blip.fm

Orbital – The Saint Theme ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gcon from Blip.fm

Royksopp – Poor Leno ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gce2 from Blip.fm

Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Niños Del Parque ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gc0d from Blip.fm

Front 242 – Welcome To Paradise ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gbmj from Blip.fm

Nine Inch Nails – Sin ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gbbu from Blip.fm

Sugar – Helpless ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gb1v from Blip.fm

Husker Du – Could You Be The One ♫ http://blip.fm/~5gauy from Blip.fm

New Order – Perfect Kiss ♫ http://blip.fm/~5ga8s from Blip.fm

Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g9vd from Blip.fm

iiO – Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g9re from Blip.fm

Classic! Paul Van Dyk – For An Angel ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g9ej from Blip.fm

Primal Scream – Swastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers Mix UK Edit) ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g92n from Blip.fm

Stone Roses – I'm Beggin You ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g8qi from Blip.fm

TV Themes - Batman 60's ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g8ot from Blip.fm

TV Theme – The Jetsons ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g8kq from Blip.fm

TV Themes – The Flinstones (Meet the Flintstones) ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g8gu from Blip.fm

Main Theme – Mission Impossible ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g88n from Blip.fm

Henry Mancini – Hawaii five-0 (from the CBS TV Series) ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g82j from Blip.fm

la la la la la la. la la la la la la laaaaaaaaa The Ramones – Banana Splits Theme ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g7vz from Blip.fm

Pixies – Gouge Away ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g7ns from Blip.fm

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Head On ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g7ci from Blip.fm

Blur – There's No Other Way ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g73g from Blip.fm

Happy Mondays – Step on ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g6qn from Blip.fm

Primal Scream – Movin' On Up ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g6hz from Blip.fm

Ride – Drive Blind ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g65w from Blip.fm

Chapterhouse – Pearl ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g5tx from Blip.fm

Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g5kd from Blip.fm

Cocteau Twins – Lorelei ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g58x from Blip.fm

Supreme Beings Of Leisure – Last Girl On Earth ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g4w2 from Blip.fm

Good evening, kids! Everything But The Girl – Walking Wounded ♫ http://blip.fm/~5g4ew from Blip.fm

Welcome @Rhyno, @fodderstompf, @volante, @DJKashmir, @tigeladakawaii & @color_me_impressed my new listeners on Blip.fm! from TwitterBar

TkS to people that reblipped my blips on BlipFM... @dswancanada, @StephySteph, @carolcaro... I love U all! from TwitterBar

Thanks to @rguimaslima, @AnitaBreakSoon, @PiCr, @DJWendolicious, @LexiePixie for the replies that you give me on BlipFM! from TwitterBar

Thanks to @DJKashmir, @HuMBush, @micoy, @messinwiththekid, @unfinishedperson, @AutoCasual, @hithertoo, @dswancanada for the props on BlipFM! from TwitterBar

Mistura fina! [ Será? Berlusconi se compara a Jesus Cristo e Napoleão] http://is.gd/w92y from TwitterBar

[Jornal publica palavrão por inteiro] http://is.gd/w92l from TwitterBar

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